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CREWBARCO is the #1 Crewing Consulting Agency that specializes in connecting Shipowners with Crewing Companies globally. Our integrated range of crewing consulting and brokering services that we offer allows us to add value to your business. We are always ready to provide elite Crewing Intermediary Services to help your company become more competitive in the crewing market. 

We are always conducted in accordance with individual client requirements. We maintain a close relationship with Greek Shipowners based on our core values: Transparency, Professionalism and Client Focus. For us, the interests of the organizations we work with have the same priority as those of the seafarers, which ensures the successful maintenance of our close and long-term cooperation.

Our Crewing Services

For Shipowners

Crewing Consulting

We Help Shipowners Analyze The Best Crewing Partners For Their Fleet Needs
For Crewing Companies

Crewing Brokering

We Help Crewing Companies Connect With Greek Shipowners & Secure Deals
For Seafarers

Seafarers Consulting

We Help Seafarers Build Their Personal Brand & Take The Right Decisions For Their Career

Connecting Shipowners & Crewing Services Globally

We clearly understand the importance of providing Elite Crewing Services. Our Consulting Proposals are derived from the projects that we are involved in and also from our close business relationships and network with Shipowners and Crewing Companies globally. Before any consulting or brokering actions, we are 100% sure about the professional and personal background of our proposals. Our aim is not the number of multiple cooperations but our clients’ complete satisfaction.

Our staff is well organized, which allows us to provide high-quality work. Our operational department cooperates with experienced seagoing staff such as Masters and Chief Engineers who are 100% engaged in the consulting and brokering processes, in accordance with the client requests. If this information will be useful for you, and you decide to address our Crewing Consulting Agency, we will be glad to have such a possibility to become your potential partners.