Company Profile

#1 Crewing Consulting Agency

CREWBARCO is the #1 Crewing Consulting Agency that specializes in connecting first-class Shipowners with the best Crewing Companies globally. We work exclusively within the crewing market as consultants and brokers and our actions are the result of specialized crewing market analysis, strict reference processes and face-to-face networking.

We are constantly growing our network of key maritime contacts and business co-operations with Shipowners, Operators and Crewing Companies globally. Per your request, we are always ready to provide world-class Crewing Intermediary Services in all traditional and upcoming crewing maritime markets.

Our Services

For Shipowners

Crewing Consulting

We Help Shipowners Analyze The Best Crewing Partners For Their Fleet Needs
For Crewing Companies

Crewing Brokering

We Help Crewing Companies Connect With Greek Shipowners & Secure Deals
For Seafarers

Seafarers Consulting

We Help Seafarers Build Their Personal Brand & Take The Right Decisions For Their Career

Our Staff & Network

Our experienced staff cooperates with ShipownersOperatorsCrewing Companies and Seafarers to implement clever strategies that grow crewing business value and benefit the shipping company and maritime professionals alike. With a team of elite maritime sales professionals, we are successfully launching various Crewing Intermediary Projects that expand later to efficient and successful cooperations between Shipowners and Crewing Companies globally. 

CREWBARCO provides Crewing Consulting Services to help Shipowners identify and connect with the appropriate Crewing Companies for their fleet type and budget. Through our wide business network, we also assist Crewing Companies to connect with Greek Shipowners and secure long-term Crew Manning / Crew Management deals. We partner with some of the world’s leading maritime organizations to bring a worldwide network of resources to help with your needs.