Connecting First-Class Greek Shipowners With Crewing Companies Globally

CREWBARCO is the #1 Crewing Consulting Agency that specializes in connecting Greek Shipowners with Crewing Companies globally. We provide elite Intermediary Services to help your company become more successful in the crewing market. 


CREWBARCO is an independent business that acts on your behalf to sell your company’s services in the Greek Shipping market. Depending on our agreement our primary purpose is always to develop sales opportunities and win new clients on your behalf. In addition, we can act as your main point of contact within the Greek territory for your existing clients.

Athens & Piraeus | Global Maritime Centres
Most Greek Shipowners located in Athens, Piraeus and the surrounding areas have the highest ship-ownership globally in tonnage capacity. More than 700 companies are located here serving the industry, including Shipowning, Ship Management and other maritime sector-related companies.

About Greek Shipowners
Greece remains the global leader in shipping. Greek-owned shipping fleet worth $132 Billion with approximately 4.901 Vessels, while Greek Shipowners control the world’s:

Crewing Market Services

Crewing Consulting

We Help Shipowners Analyze The Best Crewing Partners For Their Fleet Needs

Crewing Brokering

We Help Crewing Companies Connect With Greek Shipowners & Secure Deals

Seafarers Consulting

We Help Seafarers Build Their Personal Brand & Take The Right Decisions For Their Career