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CREWBARCO provides tailored one-on-one online Career Consulting Services to experienced officers of all nationalities and ranks. Our Crewing Consulting experience and intermediary activities have made us comfortable advising seafarers about conducting effective job searches and negotiation of their employment contract terms.

With so much information available online, it can be challenging to navigate a job search effectively. Shipping Companies and Crew Manning Agents receive hundreds of Seafarer CVs every day and only spend a few seconds reviewing each one. We can help you boost your professional brand to make your profile stand out. 

Helping Seafarers Become More Succesful In Their Career

The Seafarers’ Crewing Market is becoming more and more competitive, especially for ratings. The secret of a successful career is to understand exactly what your goals are and then to have the right information about which Shipowners / Crew Agents can help you achieve those goals.

Only a few percent of the seafarers’ jobs are listed online. therefore, just searching and submitting applications only for online vacancies is not the most efficient way of getting a job onboard. It’s what everybody else is doing and the chances of getting a response to your application, are low.

At CREWBARCO, we can work together on your job search process by helping you build your personal brand with a professionally designed CV, and providing you the most updated databases to contact the ideal principal depending on your Nationality, Salary Status and Vision.

Finally, when you are offered the contract we can help you as advisors to negotiate the best possible terms. To discuss how CREWBARCO can help you conduct a successful maritime job search, and the various options we offer, contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you.

Career Consulting Process

The Career Consulting Process begins with an initial conversation about your background and employment history. It continues with a tailor-made plan for accomplishing short and long-term goals within the maritime industry. Depending on the seafarer profile, the consulting can focus on any of the following development topics: Job Search, Retirement Plan, Transition From Sea To Shore etc.

At CREWBARCO we provide the personalized guidance you need, offering the insight and experience to help you move forward. If you lose focus or get “stuck,” your Maritime Career Consultant will offer the structure to help you regain your status. There is a commitment between us and every seafarer because we see it as a partnership aimed at a single goal: helping you create and sustain the kind of maritime career you deserve.

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