Crewing Consulting Services

For Shipowners & Operators


We Help Shipowners Identify The Best Crewing Companies For Their Fleet


We Provide Crewing Market Analysis & Exclusive Insights To Shipowners


We Connect Greek Shipowners With The Best Crewing Companies Globally

By appointing CREWBARCO, we will help your Shipping Company identify the best Crewing Companies, depending on your fleet’s specific type and budget. We work exclusively within the Crewing Business Market and our consulting proposals are the result of a strict crewing data analysis and face-to-face networking.

Connecting Shipowners With Crewing Companies Globally

We help Greek Shipowners and Operators identify with accuracy, which Crewing Companies have the background to support effectively their operations with the highest quality and the minimum possible cost. Our proposals are the result of specialized Crewing Market Analysis and business networking in all major maritime markets.

From the Shipowners’ aspect, our main region of activity is the Greek Shipping Market that trusts us from day one for our specialized Crewing Intermediary Services. At CREWBARCO, we can cooperate with Crew Manning Agents and Crewing Companies from all traditional and upcoming seafarers markets.

Crewing Consulting Process

CREWBARCO provides solutions primarily for Greek Shipowners. We understand the pressures and constraints you face to find the best Crewing Partner on the best possible budget. Our goal is to simplify your decisions and stress so that you can get on with what you do best, running your Shipping Company.

Our process begins with an in-depth discussion about your requirements and objectives. Based on your request, we analyze our available data and gathering new ones if needed. We work with you to align your crewing needs with your budget, and then we propose you a list of the best Crewing Companies for your case.

CREWBARCO Crewing Consulting Agency