Crewing Brokering Services

For Crewing Companies


We Help Crewing Companies Secure Long-Term Deals With Greek Shipowners


We Organize Introduction Meetings Between Crewing Companies & Shipowners


We Extensively Support Crewing Companies During The Whole Sale Cycle

By appointing CREWBARCO, we will help your Crewing Company connect with Greek Shipowners, growing your possibilities to finalize Crew Manning / Crew Management deals. We work exclusively within the Crewing Business Market and our specialized intermediary services will prevent you, from ineffective sales methods.

Connecting Crewing Companies With Greek Shipowners

We help reliable Crewing Companies connect with Greek Shipowners and Operators globally. We have maritime sales expertise, excellent crewing market knowledge and a constantly growing network of key contacts within the shipping industry. Therefore, we can help Crewing Companies become more successful in the Crewing Business Market.

Upon the shortage of qualified officers, all seafarers’ markets are important in order to cover the growing needs of the world’s merchant fleet. At CREWBARCO, we cooperate with Shipowners of all sizes and fleet types: Bulkers, Gas Carriers, Tankers, Chemicals, Reefers, Containers, Dry Cargo, Ro-Ro and Passenger Vessels.

Crewing Brokering Process

Once we have decided that moving forward would be beneficial for both parties, and we can provide the type of assistance we feel that you need, we begin to create a customized Sales Strategy Plan for your Crew Manning Agency. Every promotion project we implement will be tailored to your crewing company’s needs.

Our commitment to all clients is that the value we provide will always exceed the Fixed Fees or Commissions you pay for our Crewing Brokering Services. We add real market value, therefore we cannot help every company. We will never take on a client unless we are sure that we can assist, and the client sees the value of our services.

CREWBARCO Crewing Consulting Agency